Sending abstract to our symposium will be provided by e-mail. We kindly ask you to use email address to send your e-mails.
Presentation preference of the authors (verbal or poster) should be indicated while sending the abstract.Abstract committee has the right to accept or refuse the abstract regarding the content of the work and application number or to change the presentation type in case of acceptation.
The criteria that are going to be required in order to accept the abstracts sent as presentations:
Name-surname and title of the abstract author, the corporation and city where he/she works should be clearly indicated. However, there should not be any other sentence in the abstract summary that identifies the corporation or the researchers.
Abstract subjects can be about emergency medicine specialization, emergency medicine, family practice, general practice, and primary-secondary-tertiary healthcare or from all the fields regarding emergency medicine, family medicine and primary healthcare.
The researcher who is going to make the presentation should be indicated from the researchers who has prepared the abstract.
The abstract summaries should be prepared in English.
The abstract summary should be maximum 2.500 character.

Maximum 1 table/graphic and 1 photograph can be added to the abstracts.

Abstract summaries should comprise the standard sections as below;

o Objective

o Method

o Findings

o Result

The studies that get any project support or any other research support should be indicated.
The financial connection of the researchers should be declared (if any).
Ongoing abstracts and the ones that have no results yet shall not be evaluated.
In case the sent abstract is accepted, at least one of the authors (the author that will make the presentation) should have registered.
Preparation of Verbal Presentation
The researcher who is going to make the presentation should have symposium registration. The presentations will be made as 5 minuntes presentation and 3 minutes discussion. Presentation date and time will be notified later. Every writer can be send and present maximum 3 abstracts and posters.
All the abstracts sent will be evaluated by the Abstract Committee and will be decided if they are accepted for poster presentation or not. “Letter of Acceptance” which indicates that the abstract is accepted will be sent in September 2023